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About Us

The Yoga Peace School™ is our unique mindfulness based preschool program that unites the mind, body and spirit while providing little yogis ages 12 months to 5 years old with the foundation of a fun yoga practice and the freedom to express themselves creatively. Our teaching staff, known as the Peacekeepers, guide your little yogis to explore, learn, create, play & grow!

Peaceful Approach To Learning (PAL) Curriculum

Yoga Peace School™ explores learning through our very own Peaceful Approach to Learning™ (PAL) method: movement, breath, patience, respect, community, communication and mindfulness. Our program provides a safe space for students to explore, grow & play all while developing tools to be the Peacemakers we need in our great big world.

In addition, environmental and cultural awareness is a large component of our PAL™ curriculum as we take “journeys” around the world and learn about other countries through movement, nutrition and games. Each day we explore different topics such as nutrition class, theater, language, music and tinkering. We learn to respect and love nature by growing vegetables and herbs in our very own community garden. We also stress the importance of mindfulness and breath work to teach the children about self-regulation and self-awareness.

Quality Over Quantity

Our small class size allows our Peacekeepers to give individualized attention to each student. The goal of our program is to implement healthy, holistic habits, tapping into the children’s inherent curiosity and receptivity. Together, we will create a safe and comfortable space filled with hours of pure peaceful fun!