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The YPS Mission

The Yoga Peace School™ is our unique mindfulness based preschool program that unites the mind, body and spirit while providing little yogis ages 12 months - 5 years old with the foundation of a fun yoga practice and the freedom to express themselves creatively. With an emphasis on social and emotional development through mindfulness, each child will build strength and confidence through both group work and individual activities.

Yoga is the union of the Mind, Breath and Body and the Yoga Peace School™ explores learning through our very own Peaceful Approach to Learning™ (PAL) method: movement, breath, patience, respect, community, communication and mindfulness. Our program provides a safe space for students to explore, grow & play all while developing tools to be the Peacemakers we need in our great big world.

In addition, environmental and cultural awareness is a large component of our PAL™ curriculum as we take “journeys” around the world and learn about other countries through dance, food and games. Each day we explore different topics such as nutrition class, theater, language, art, music and tinkering. We also stress the importance of mindfulness and breath work to teach the children about self-regulation and self-awareness.

Our belief of quality over quantity is reflected in our class size, as they are small to give individualized attention to each student. We learn to respect and love nature by growing vegetables and herbs in our very own community garden. The goal of our program is to implement healthy, holistic habits, tapping into the children’s inherent curiosity and receptivity. Together, we will create a safe and comfortable space filled with hours of pure peaceful fun!



Mindful Minis

  • Strong walkers to 2 years
  • *Ratio: 1-5 (Max 10)*

The Mindful Minis are our youngest yogis who have entered the toddler stage where we begin to see their fun-loving personalities come through. They are filled with curiosity, are sensory seeking, and excited to soak it all in. In this group, we begin to encourage sharing and learning to play safely with friends. Their yoga class is an introduction to body awareness, spatial awareness, and breathwork as they sing and move through yoga poses all while taking mindful breaths. Our Peacekeepers spend time helping each yogi co-regulate before they can self-regulate and guiding them as they develop an awareness of their emotions.


Little Lotuses

  • Ages 2 & 3
  • *Ratio: 1-6 (Max 12)*

The Little Lotuses are blossoming into independent, energetic and creative little beings. Their minds are full of new ideas and they are beginning to seek more connection with their peers. We encourage and facilitate this through group play, partner activities in yoga & dramatic play, and outdoor free play. Their yoga class consists of an adventure of the week along with a pose of the week, weekly affirmations, breathwork, meditation, and storytime. We create a safe environment for them to express individual feelings through social & emotional exploration and our Peacekeepers offer tools to help them set individual boundaries in a kind and respectful way.



  • Ages 3-5
  • *Ratio: 1-6 (Max 12)*

The Peacemakers are thriving through imagination and creative play and are excited to learn about the world beyond themselves. They dive deeper into their yoga practice with the addition of mudras and Sanskrit while also learning about other cultures around the world with journeys to a new country each week. With this knowledge, these yogis begin to connect and feel a sense of belonging with our brothers and sisters all over the world. During social & emotional exploration we allow space for students to share their emotions in a safe & welcoming environment. Equipped with self-love and inner peace, these yogis will be ready to change the world to a more peaceful place for all to live in.

Program Info & Rates

Our program is year-round with an official school year start date in mid-August and graduation is the Friday before Memorial Day in May.

● Student holidays: MLK Day, Lunar New Year, President’s Day, Cesar Chavez/Eid al-Fitr, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, Indigenous People's Day, Diwali

● Thanksgiving break (1 week)

● Winter break (2 weeks)

● Spring Break (1 week)

● Summer break (2 weeks)

● 4 early dismissal days/year (2:00pm release)

School Hours: 8:00am-5:30pm Monday-Friday

*drop off is between 8:00-9:00 and pick-up is anytime after 2:30*

Monday-Friday: $1,619

Tuesday/Thursday : $808 **Limited to PM group only at Woodrow

Monday/Wednesday/Friday : $1,072**Limited to PM group only at Woodrow

Additional Program Fees

Waitlist $75

Initial Enrollment fee $300

Annual Re-enrollment fee $150

Annual supply fee $275 (Due in August, prorated for mid year start)

Nap Mat Fee $75

*Tuition is collected on the 1st of each month. Monthly tuition is based on yearly enrollment and is already prorated with the holidays.*